Groupees - Game Music Bundle

Groupees - Game Music Bundle

A bundle of Soundtracks and Albums.

A pay what you want ($1 minimum) bundle of awesome soundtracks and game-inspired music. Digital albums include Monaco OST & Gentlemen's Private Collection, Hotline Miami, Oggipital OST, Dustforce OST, Metal Case Mental Case, Aeternum OST, Kernel 2 OST and more.

Pay what you want starting at only $1 for the complete bundle!

Included music:

  • Austin Wintory - Monaco & Gentleman's Private Collection
  • Tettix & A Shell In The Pit - Rogue Legacy OST
  • OttO Vector - Kernel 2 OST
  • Lifeformed - Fastfall (Dustforce OST)
  • Ryan Davies - Oggipital OST
  • Vidboy - Metal Case Mental Case
  • Jesse Bishop - Aeternum OST+
  • Scattle - Hotline Miami: The Takedown EP
  • Austin Wintory - The Banner Saga

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