Groupees - Digital Tribe Bundle

Groupees - Digital Tribe Bundle

Pay what you want starting at $1

All games come with a Steam key, except for Monster Madness.

With unlockable bonus game!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 82
Metascore 63

Cargo Commander

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, General, Indie

Alone in space, light years away from your family, armed with only your Fistcannon™; you are Cargo Corps' latest recruit, a Cargo Commander.

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Steam % 79
Metascore 72


Steam | Windows | Casual, Puzzle

Roogoo is an innovative and unusual 3D puzzle game that has players guide and stack different shaped blocks through various platforms to not only save planet Roo, but the entire Roogoo race.

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Metascore 72

Section 8

Steam | Windows | First-Person Shooters

Fight on epic sci-fi battlefields and dynamically alter the flow of combat in an intense first-person shooter.

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Fallback image
Metascore 59

Monster Madness (32-Bit Only)

Drm-free | Windows | Other Shooters

“Brrrrraaaaiiiinnnnssss!” Load your shotgun, zombies have run amuck in town and it’s up to four teenagers to defend their suburbia in this 3rd person shooter while seeking to find the cause of this invasion.

Steam % 38
Metascore 58

Hotel Giant 2

Steam | Windows | Simulation, Tycoon

Following its international success, Hotel Giant is back and bigger than ever.

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