Humble Monthly 2021 - January

Groupees - Build a Be Mine Bundle LIVE

Groupees - Build a Be Mine Bundle teaser

The first "BUILD a BE MINE" bundle!

This bundle contains Lili: Child of Geos, 100% Orange Juice, The Campaign Series: Fall Weiss, Little Big Adventure, 99 Spirits (+ Cage of Night DLC), BloodRayne, Isomer, 3 Stars of Destiny, Ballpoint Universe, The Book of Legends and many not yet unlocked bonus items!

Choose any 2 games for $1.50 or get them all for $6.

All games are playable on Windows PC. 6 games coming with Steam Trading Cards!

Hint: There are more bundles by Groupees. Take a look!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 93

100% Orange Juice

Steam, Desura | Windows | Indie, Strategy, Turn Based Strategy

100% Orange Juice is a digital multiplayer board game populated by developer Orange Juice's all-star cast. Characters from Flying Red Barrel, QP Shooting, Suguri and Sora come together with all-new characters to duke it out... with dice.

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Steam % 84

Little Big Adventure - Enhanced Edition

Drm-free | Windows | Action, Adventure, RPG

Little Big Adventure (also known as 'Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure') is an action-adventure RPG designed by Frédérick Raynal. It offers an epic story, quality puzzles and hundreds of characters and dialogues.

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Steam % 80
Metascore 65


Drm-free | Windows | Action

In the years between the World Wars, Agent BloodRayne works as a killing machine for The Brimstone Society--a top secret fraternity that hunts down and destroys supernatural threats. Starring heroine Rayne, this original action horror game unleashed the

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Steam % 77

Ballpoint Universe Infinite

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General

Ballpoint Universe Infinite is a shoot-em-up adventure game featuring artwork entirely drawn in ballpoint pen. Explore immaculate worlds, discover the secrets of the doodles, and customize your Ink-Ship for battle! Press"Ballpoint Universe Infinite is too exuberant to ignore.

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Steam % 57

99 Spirits ‐ + 99 Spirits - Cage of Night DLC!

Steam, Desura | Windows | Adventure, General, Indie, RPG, Role Playing

99 Spirits is an RPG/Puzzle game that revolves around the popular Japanese folklore of Tsukumogami, everyday objects coming alive on their 100th birthday.

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The Book of Legends

Steam | Windows | Console-style RPG

Ready for the BIG adventure? The Demon of Fear is awaking because the world is increasingly being dominated by thieves, rogues and bandits. And so our story begins!

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Lili: Child of Geos

Steam | Windows | General

Lili is a quirky adventure RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, silky-smooth graphics, a cinematic story-line, and a fresh new way to deal with enemies.

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Steam | Windows | Sci-Fi

Isomer is an isometric realtime strategy game. It's open ended, designed to be played in a variety of ways with world exploration, survival, crafting and strategy all blended together.

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Fall Weiss ‐ Campaign Series

Steam | Windows | Historic

Fall Weiss is all about: Strategy Turns Hexes Counters Panzers For the first time player has a possibility to recreate the events of the first campaign of World War 2.

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3 Stars of Destiny

Steam, Drm-free | Windows | Console-style RPG

Fight monsters, explore, complete quests, rescue people in need and explore a fantasy medieval world in this role-playing game.

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Humble Monthly 2021 - January