GMG's "3-key" Mystery Bundle

GMG's "3-key" Mystery Bundle

3 game keys... Are you feeling lucky?

Get tree games in Green Man Gaming's "Mystery Bundle 3 Pack". A bundle filled with unknown awesomeness. What will you find inside your suprise delivery? Buy now to uncover the secret keys within.

NB. Do be aware that this Bundle may contain Steam, Origin, GOG or Uplay keys. Check your key delivery email for further information. Game keys are allocated randomly and customers may receive the same game twice, or a game they already own.

Grab the complete bundle for $2.49.

You've purchased the bundle? Feel free to post the list of games you've grabbed in the comments below. This will help other people to decide if this bundle is worth a try ...or not! Thank you.

Hint: Don't miss the other mystery game-key packs! 😉