GMG - 10 Game Indie Adventure Bundle

GMG - 10 Game Indie Adventure Bundle

An adventure game bundle!

This new bundle by Green Man Gaming's contains the titles A Game of Changes, A Land Fit for Heroes, Calvino Nior, Corrosion Cold Winter Waiting, Mainlining, Ticks Tales, Hidden Mysteries: Civil War, Hidden Mysteries: Titanic, Goosebumps, Lost Civilization.

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Each game is delivered as a Steam key. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. 5 games include cards.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 88

Tick's Tales

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure

Tick must prove his worth to pull the legendary Sword of Blergh from the stone if he's going to win the heart of Georgia McGorgeous and save their town from the evil goblin Bloodclot!

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Steam % 85

Goosebumps: The Game

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual

The walk home from school today is going to be a lot spookier than usual… Your sleepy neighborhood’s been overrun by monsters!

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Steam % 83


Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, Simulation

After MI7 has been hacked, your primary goal is to bring a cyber-criminal network to justice.

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Steam % 69

Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting [Enhanced Edition]

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie

Horror adventure awaits as you step into a place nobody knew existed and hunt for clues around every dark corner and in every scribbled notebook.

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Steam % 62

Calvino Noir

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, Indie

The film noir stealth game.

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Steam % 56

A Land Fit For Heroes

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, RPG, Strategy

A Land Fit for Heroes is a profound story of three distinct characters falling into a sequence of bloodthirsty events full of gore and mystery.

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Steam % 55

A Game of Changes

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Casual, Indie

A 3d puzzle platformer that takes you along a journey of wisdom, through the 64 unique worlds that draw inspiration and teachings from the I Ching [Book of Changes], one of the oldest oracles in human history.

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Steam % 53

Hidden Mysteries: Titanic

Steam | Windows | Casual

Titanic: The Game takes place aboard the R.M.S.

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Steam % 52

Lost Civilization

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual

Race to unearth the mystery of a forgotten civilization and rescue your kidnapped fiancé in this atmospheric adventure, suitable for beginners and diehards alike, which features a haunting blend of puzzle-solving and investigation.

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Steam % 25

Hidden Mysteries: Civil War

Steam | Windows | Casual, Miscellaneous

This hidden object game is devoted to the Civil War between the Union and Confederate armies which took place in the United States of America.

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