GDC Relief Game Bundle incl. Steam Games!

GDC Relief Game Bundle teaser

Pay what you want for 167 (!!!) items incl. STEAM GAMES!

This bundle contains STEAM games + DRM-Free titles. Please support this indie game bundle which provides financial aid to developers impacted in loss of funds and business opportunity by the cancellation of the Game Developers Conference.

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Includes the following items:

1977: Radio Aut, 8PM, A Book of Beasts and Buddies, A Mortician's Tale, A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP, A Precisely Fun Gamepad Tester, A Small Garden of Connections, A Vibrant Melody 0.22c, ARGH-P-G, Airheart, Alone in Cyberspace, Arrows Left, Ascendshaft, Becky's very very Small and TOTALLY not mundane World, Black Heart, BlackJack Math, Botanic Balcony, Bounty For Sharks, Brick Breaker Remix, Bustle, CATCLIMB, COVID-19 TAXI, Calcul8, Calcul82, Cat Stranded, Catlateral Damage, Clash of Coins, Cleansuit, Codemancer, CollisionWars, Color Jumper, Constellation, Constellations, Construct 2/3 Pseudo 3D, Conversations With My Anxiety, Corona Shopper, Coulrophobiac, Coulrophobiac 2, Coup 2776, Covid-19 Antivirus, Current Mood, CyBer//zDvAc, DLUR, DREAMWORKERS, DUALITY, Dark Roads, Day-Trader (Game-Jam Prototype Version), Despina, Doctor Robot, Dodgy Rocks, Downtown Z, Drake, Dynamic Touch Screen Joystick Widget, EAT GIRL, EODS EARTH ORBITAL DEFENSE SYSTEM, Elephant Hunter Hunter, Emberlight, Engrish Lag (music track), Escape Room Simulator - Alpha Access, Evergreen Blues, Extreme Mining, False Positive, Field of Heroes, Find The Letter H, Free Music Loop Bundle, Fugue, GARDEN FOR GATO, GDC Relief Jam - 3xBlast Music + BGM, GOODNIGHT, Get Hoisted, Giant Family Reunion Photo-Off (GFRPO), Global Games Industry Guide, Gunmetal Arcadia Zero, Handwashing Helper, Helping Hues, HeroRun, Infinitroid, Input | Output, Jazzy Beats, JigsawPuzzle - Epidemic Era, Key Strokes, LOVE, Lame Spirit Animals, Lane Stormers, Launchable Socks random music pack, Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story, Legend of Moros, Long Gone Days, Lunar Preludes, Main Course - Director's Cut, Mandelbo's GDC Relief Music Pack, Melodrumatic, Merrily Perilly, Miracle Cure, Multi-Genre Library of Songs/Loops, NeoLite, Neon Snap, Newtonian Inversion, Next sector, No.thing, Noble Menu, Nuclear Throne, OddyTree, Old Connection, Onigami, PAPER PANDEMIC, PHN-HOME, Paragon, Paragon Infinite, ParamediCats, People Farm, PhilGood, Phoenix Heavy, Pixel Art Asset Collection, Plague Protect, Platformer SFX, Portal Dogs, Private Chef, Rebop Blasters, Red Thread, Respawn Man, Roboat Racing, Roomba Number Five!, Salitaire!, Skater Frog, Snipe, Snowdown, Soldier of Fortune, Space Explorer, Spanky the Fish Who Sucks at Everything - Alpha Build, Sqaranch!, Stay Safe, Stellar Commanders, Super Burning Wood, Super Sellout, Swipe Control Widget for Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Tentin Quarantino, Tethered, Tetris [GMS2], Text Clock Generator, Text Mesh Pro - Text Scaling, The Curse of Tuberculosis: Story Mode, The Fable of Fairy Glen, The Fallen, The Mice Guys, The Story Goes On, The Story Goes On, The Tops Don't Sting You!, Three Red Hearts - Prepare to Dev Edition, Tick Tock Isle, Totem, Two Halves, Two Halves - Web, Unity Screenshot Tool, War 1, Whipped And Steamy • Cosplay Café, Widget Satchel, Will Glow the Wisp, With Fire Thy Affections Hold A Wing, Without Elevator, Worldcraft, Yi and the Thousand Moons, Yän's GDC relief pack, Zen Pond Life, Zombies!, tdasp - the DuncanArt shooter project, the town of Kheta.

This game bundle contains

Teaser image for Cleansuit
Steam % 100


Steam | Windows | Indie

Cleansuit is a retro-style graphical text adventure game where you must find creative ways to survive a mysterious serial killer's assault on your home.

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Teaser image for Long Gone Days
Steam % 95

Long Gone Days

Steam | Windows, Mac | Indie, RPG, Early Access

A modern-day RPG that imagines the world of war that's coming for us, with a focus on language barriers and the human cost of these conflicts.

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Teaser image for A NIGHTMARE'S TRIP
Steam % 94


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Casual, Indie

Adrien, a creature born of a young boy’s nightmares, takes a little summer vacation.

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Teaser image for Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story
Steam % 91

Lazy Galaxy: Rebel Story

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Start a Rebellion!

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Teaser image for LOVE
Steam % 91


Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

Love is a reductive platforming game with a retro aesthetic and a focus on a challenging difficulty.

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Teaser image for Catlateral Damage
Steam % 89

Catlateral Damage

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation

Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where you play as a cat on a rampage, knocking as much stuff onto the ground as possible.

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Teaser image for AIRHEART - Tales of broken Wings
Steam % 86

AIRHEART - Tales of broken Wings

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Indie

Airheart is a dieselpunk airplane action rogue like game, where every colorful level is built on top of the previous one, all the way up to the stratosphere.

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Steam % 86

The Story Goes On

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Arcade, Strategy, Adventure, Casual, Indie

You are the hero inside the storybook of an obsessed author pondering with his life’s work.

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Steam % 83

Respawn Man

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Indie

What kills you makes you stronger!

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Teaser image for Stellar Commanders
Steam % 74

Stellar Commanders

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie, Strategy

Conquer the stars in this straightforward multiplayer real-time strategy game from the creators of First Strike and become a Stellar Commander!

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Teaser image for Gunmetal Arcadia Zero
Steam % 74

Gunmetal Arcadia Zero

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie

Unrest brews in the city of Arcadia, and a monstrous enemy approaches.

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Teaser image for Fugue
Steam % 50


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Indie

Make music, chimes, and melodies as you try and solve each level in this mathematical puzzle game.

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