Games Rage - TopWare Classics Bundle

Games Rage - TopWare Classics Bundle

A game bundle with seven of TopWare´s classics!

Included in this PC Game Bundle are the 6 Steam games Earth 2160 - a real-time strategy title, KnightShift, Jack Orlando, the action adventure X-Blades, ChickenShoot and the role-playing games Two Worlds (Epic Edition) and Two Worlds II

All titles are games for STEAM and playable on your Windows PC. (Two Worlds II is also playable on Mac!)

Pay what you want starting at $1 for 5 games. Pay more than $2.02 and you´ll get the complete bundle with 7 games.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 77
Metascore 78

Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

Steam | Windows | RPG, Role-Playing

New quests, weapons, potions, armor, fighting techniques and maps await you in the world of Antaloor!

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Steam % 66
Metascore 65

Two Worlds

Steam | Windows | RPG, Role-Playing


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Steam % 65
Metascore 73

Earth 2160

Steam | Windows | Strategy

After the destruction of the EARTH in 2150, the leaders of the Eurasian Dynasty escaped on board an evacuation fleet.

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Steam % 64


Steam | Windows | RPG, Strategy

Do you like Real Time Strategy?

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Steam % 63
Metascore 54


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, RPG

In X-Blades, the player takes on the role of the enchanting heroine Ayumi, who survives a breathtaking dance of blades through the Hordes of Darkness.

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Steam % 62
Metascore 76

Two Worlds II

Steam | Windows, Mac | RPG, Role-Playing

Check out the new Velvet Edition bundle including both Two Worlds II and Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC.

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Steam % 43

Two Worlds II Castle Defense

Steam | Windows | Strategy

While the bloody battle between Gandohar’s troops and the armies of the Orcs is raging in front of the gates of Oswaroth, the emperor waits in the depths of his palace on the outcome of the struggle for power.

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Fallback image

Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure Director's Cut

Steam | Windows |

Chicken Shoot

Steam | Windows | Action

Hunt poultry in this humorous chicken shooter.

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Chicken Shoot 2

Steam | Windows | Static

Stop this hostile destruction from these rampaging roosters in Arcade mode, or fight against the clock in Classic mode in three difficulty levels.

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