GAMES for FREE: Freedom Friday (2015-02-13)

GAMES for FREE: Freedom Friday (2015-02-13)

4 games for FREE... for a perfect start to that perfect weekend! This time you´ll get a role playing game (Menagerie: Remastered!), a real time strategy game (Obliteration Order), a party game (Hop and Pop) and a visual novel (Sekaiju: Yggdrasil). Enjoy them without spending a dime.

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Game 1: Sekaiju: Yggdrasil

a visual novel for Windows.

"Sekaiju: Yggdrasil is a fantasy themed, slice of life visual novel game with a some elements of dating-sim; fully voiced and extensively interactive! Each path you take will get you to a unique ending."

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Game 2: Menagerie: Remastered!

a role playing game for Windows.

"You follow the adventures of four oddballs, whose differences from society have made them feel that they have never truly been at home. Not too faraway, an enormous and powerful empire approaches their home planet in anticipation of annihilating it."

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Game 3: Obliteration Order

a real time strategy game for Windows.

"Year 2052. The world has turned into an endless battlefield. This was the result of the discovery of Terradium. This material got widely used for military purposes and it wasn’t long enough for a war to come. "

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Game 4: Hop and Pop

a party game for Windows.

"Jump around and push balloons or Zombies ‘heads to make color combinations. Unless you prefer to pick-up surprises and unlock one of the 15 Powers."

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How to get the games?

Each game is available as DRM-Free direct download and on Desura. (Find more infos below.)

First click the "Get the game for FREE!" button, than click the "install game" button. The game is added to your Desura account directly!

It´s also possible to "direct download" the game without using the Desura client! Just click the "install game" button and select "download direct".

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