GAME for FREE: Words for Evil

GAME for FREE: Words for Evil

Grab a GAME for FREE. This time, it's the fast paced word game / fantasy RPG mix "Words for Evil". This game is playable on your Windows and Mac. Another promotion by Indie Gala.

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The Game? "Words for Evil" (Windows)

In the game, your goal is to progress through the stages and defeat the monsters. You can level up your heroes, buy new gear and potions, unlock chests, upgrade abilities, and create the ultimate party. The game features a fully fleshed out combat system, with buffs, crits, ability modifiers, disables, etc.

Words for Evil review

by BaerTaffy

How do you get this free game?

You'll find all instructions on the following page. Please read carefully!

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Hint: We┬┤ve posted a screenshot in the comments to guide you. You should receive an email from Indie Gala within 60 - 120 minutes. The game will appear on your Indie Gala profile page after some minutes. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Please be patient.

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