GAME for FREE: Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger

On The House! GAME for FREE: Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger

At the moment, you can grab a copy of the retro classic space combat simulation “Wing Commander III” for FREE! This awesome “On The House” promotion by Origin only runs for a limited time!

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The Game? About “Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger”

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (commonly abbreviated WC3, WCIII, or HOTT) is the critically acclaimed third main game in Chris Roberts‘ Wing Commander science fiction space combat simulation video game series, developed and released by Origin Systems.

Wing Commander is a 3D/First person shooter space game intercut with live action cut scenes. Gameplay involves completing missions and destroying enemy craft, Wing commander III dispensed with the issuing of medals after such missions and relied more on cut scenes to drive the story along making much more use of CD technology. As the man giving the orders, Blair often gets to choose what ship he will fly, what missiles it will carry, and what wingman (wingmen) he will take with him. As in Wing Commander, some wingmen can be killed permanently in combat. Blair’s own call sign remained customizable.

— source: Wikipedia

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