Humble Monthly 2021 February

GAME for FREE: Tom Clancy 's Splinter Cell Live now!

GAME for FREE: Tom Clancy 's Splinter Cell teaser

Get this free game now! Grab the critical acclaimed stealth action game "Tom Clancy 's Splinter Cell" - Metascore 91 - which is playable on your Windows PC! This is part of Ubisoft's "30 days of Giveaways".

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The Game? "Tom Clancy 's Splinter Cell" (Windows PC)

Infiltrate terrorists' positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and exit without a trace!

You are Sam Fisher, a highly trained secret operative of the NSA's secret arm: Third Echelon. The world balance is in your hands, as cyber terrorism and international tensions are about to explode into WWIII.

Tom Clancy 's Splinter Cell review

by MrSnuggleduck

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Humble Monthly 2021 February

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