GAME for FREE: Phantom Dust

GAME for FREE: Phantom Dust

Another EPIC game for FREE! Grab the critically acclaimed third-person arena combat game "Phantom Dust" (Metascore 81) A freebie by Microsoft Studios. Grab it now and it's yours forever. Have fun!

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The Game? "Phantom Dust" for Windows 10

Hidden underground for most of your life, you emerge to the surface to explore your supernatural abilities.

In a postapocalyptic world rife with monsters and mysterious particles known as "phantom dust," it's up to you to defeat your opponents using your psychic powers, skills, and strategies.

Use each level's destructible environments to crush your enemies. Phantom Dust features both single-player and multiplayer modes!

What is Phantom Dust?

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Grab "Phantom Dust" for FREE (for Windows 10)

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