GAME for FREE: Giants: Citizen Kabuto

GAME for FREE: Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Grab another FREE game! This time it's the critically acclaimed first-person / RTS action game "Giants: Citizen Kabuto". This game, which is playable on your Windows PC, has got the Metascore 85. A free game promotion by GOG.

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The Game? "Giants: Citizen Kabuto" (Windows)

A frenzied action game in which players battle each other with one of three distinct races: The Meccs, the Sea Reapers, or the giant named Kabuto. These three species are highly incompatible with one another, and are all battling for supremacy over the islands on which they inhabit.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto review

by TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit

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How to? Locate the "Giveaway teaser" on GOG's homepage. (see screenshot) You have to use this homepage teaser to claim the free copy. Only this way it works. After you've claimed the free game, you'll find find it in your GOG Library. If the game is not visible instantly try to refresh your GOG library. Have fun with this awesome game.

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