Game Dev & Design Mega Mastery Bundle

2019 Game Dev & Design Mega Mastery Bundle

Learn Game development and design!

Start building your own games with 160 hours of training in Unity, C#, Mapbox & more essential tools.

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What's included?

  • Professional Video Game Art School: Start Making Games with 87 Hours of Training in Video Game Art, Animation, 2D & 3D Modeling + More
  • Python Game Development: Create A Flappy Bird Clone: Come to Grips with the Game Dev Essentials by Creating a Clone of This Viral Game
  • What\'s New In Unity 5: Get Up to Speed on Powerful Features Available in Unity 5
  • Learn Blender Modeling & Texturing: Bring Your Games to Life with a Beginner-Friendly Look at This Free 3D Modeling Software
  • Game Development with Unity 5: Create a Trivia Game, Platformer & First-Person Shooter Using Unity 5
  • Learn Level Design With Blender & Unity 3D: Build & Operate Your First Game Level with Two Essential Dev & Design Tools
  • Java Game Development: Create a Flappy Bird Clone: Use the World\'s Most Popular Programming Language to Create Your First Game
  • Learn 2D Game Development with Unity & C# Programming: Use Unity & C# Programming to Build Your Very Own Blackjack Game
  • Unity 5 2D & 3D Game Development: Go from Newbie to Game Dev Pro with 30+ Hours of Hands-on Unity 5 Training
  • Unity 3D & Mapbox: Location-Based Game Development: Build the Next Pokémon GO by Creating Your Own Location-Based Games