Freedom Friday - Free Games! September 5th, 2014

Freedom Friday - Free Games! September 5th, 2014 teaser

4 games for FREE... for a perfect start to that perfect weekend! (...) This time you´ll get a First Person Shooter, a RPG, a platformer, and a visual novel for Desura & DRM-Free direct download.

If you have any question or problem, take a look at the comments! You´ve played some of these games? What´s your opinion?

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To Kill A Black Swan

an Visual Novel for Windows, Mac and Linux

"A short murder mystery visual novel about a detective, a yoga course attendant, a grieving wife, an obsessed cleaner, a “bro”, and a bitchy friend." Get the game for FREE!

Where's my Mom?

a RPG for Windows

"You play Oliver, a young teenager who finds out that his mom has been kidnapped by the evil Dark Ghoul. Join Oliver when you go on an adventure to kill the evil Dark Ghoul." Get the game for FREE!

Staying Still

a platformer for Windows and Mac

"Staying Still is an experimental game where the world rotates around you. Levels can be played from 4 different angles, with a simple goal, get to the exit. " Get the game for FREE!

Project Lockdown

a First Person Shooter for Windows

"Hell has been broken loose in one of the most secured prisons and the prisoners are running around inside. That's why they've hired you to go inside and clean up either by yourself or with a friend (LAN)." Get the game for FREE!

Desura Key / How to redeem? Just visit the "Get the game for FREE!" links and click the "install game" button. The games are added to your Desura account directly!

Additionally it´s also possible to download the games directly without installed Desura-Client! Just click the "install game" button and choose "download direct".

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