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Freedom Friday - Free Games! Mar 7th, 2014

Freedom Friday - Free Games! Mar 7th, 2014 teaser

4 Games for FREE for a perfect start to that perfect weekend! (...)

This time you find a First Person Shooter, a Stealth title, a Jump n Down Platformer and an Adventure ... Take a look!

All games are avavailable via Desura!

Don´t miss to add some feedback about the games, if you installed/played them!

Desura Key / How to redeem? Just visit the "Get the game!" links and click the "install game" button. The games are added to your Desura account directly!

An Apparently Normal Room

a First Person Shooter for Windows

A white room in the middle of nowhere. It has nothing special ... Get the game!

Pest Control From Outer Space

a Stealth game for Windows

A game with a touch of puzzle and survival with a third person top view. Get the game!

Into the Underdusk

a Platformer for Windows

A stupid game about twitch reflexes, pixel perfect platforming and sheer dumb luck. Get the game!

The Way of Life

an Adventure for Windows, Mac, Linux

The 3 main characters? A business man, an old man and a child. Get the game!

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