Freedom Friday - Free Games! Mar 29th, 2014

Freedom Friday - Free Games! Mar 29th, 2014

4 games for FREE - 100% savings - for a perfect start to that perfect weekend! (...)

This time you find two platformer, a Car Combat game and a zombie top-down shooter ... Take a look!

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a Platformer for Windows and Mac

"You're a Wizard, you can't do magic, but you can jump pretty good!" Get the game!

Zombie Hunter inc

an Arcade game for Windows

Take a classic space side-scroller and cross it with Left4Dead and you get the game. Get the game!


an Car Combat game for Windows

The bomb has dropped, and there’s no hold­ing back now.

Install the Tr-Zero Alpha Free!

Get the game!


an Arcade game for Windows

You are Fugitive Ninja. Run for survive. Get the game!

Desura Key / How to redeem? Just visit the "Get the game!" links and click the "install game" button. The games are added to your Desura account directly!

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