Fanatical - Reaper Bundle 6

Fanatical - Reaper Bundle 6

Exhilarating races, brutal warfare and tricky undead opponents await you in this jam-packed collection of titles from popular developers & publishers - can you control your fear and handle the pressure?

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 93

Zombie Night Terror

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie, Strategy

Prepare yourself for the most thrilling night of your life!

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Steam % 87

Redeemer: Enhanced Edition

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

REDEEMER is a intense Brawler where you will punch, hack and blast your way through enemies using fists, hammers, fire arms and even the environment.

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Steam % 81

Streets of Red : Devil's Dare Deluxe

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Welcome to Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe, the permadeath multiplayer horror beat'em up that bestows players with the skills of retro gaming heroes in a fight against a legion of undead monstrosities.

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Steam % 81

Hard Reset Redux

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure

Hard Reset Redux is an action-packed and hardcore single-player shooter which embraces the best qualities that the genre has it offer.

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Steam % 79

Ancestors Legacy

Steam | Windows | Strategy

Ancestors Legacy is a squad-based real time strategy with a strong focus on tactics.

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Steam % 77

DiRT 4

Steam | Windows | Racing, Simulation, Sports

DiRT 4 is all about embracing fear.

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Steam % 64


Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Racing, Simulation, Sports

GRID is a racing experience like no other.

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