Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle 2018

Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle 2018

JS essentials!

The ultimate e-Learning bundle (29+ hours, 900+ pages!) to learning the world's most important web development language.

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What's included?

  • Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms: Use Data Structures & Algorithms to Solve Programming Problems
  • Learning Functional JavaScript: Write Functional Web Apps Using Modern JavaScript
  • Web Development with Angular 2 and Bootstrap: Become an Ace at Creating Stunning Angular 2 Apps Using Bootstrap
  • Universal JavaScript with React, Node, and Redux: Leverage the Power of React, Redux & Node to Build Complete Web Apps in Pure JavaScript
  • React Native Projects: Develop Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps More Effectively
  • Vue.js 2 Cookbook: 101 Hands-On Recipes For Building Professional Web Apps with Vue.js
  • Angular 2 Cookbook: Discover Over 70 Recipes to Face Every Challenge in Angular 2 Head On
  • Angular 2 Deep Dive: Dive Into the Core Architectural Components & Concepts of Angular 2
  • Responsive Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript: Build Custom Responsive Websites Using Today\'s Top Tools
  • Mastering JavaScript: Explore & Master Modern JavaScript Techniques to Build Large-Scale Web Apps
  • JavaScript Design Patterns: 20 Patterns for Advancing Your JavaScript Skills: Deep Dive Into JavaScript Design Patterns to Write Pragmatic Code for An Array of Real-World Programming Situations