DevOps Cert Courses & Practice Tests Bundle

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Prepare to Become a Well-Versed IT Systems & Networks Professional with 58 Hours of Video Content and 300+ Practice Tests on Industry-Standard DevOps Certifications. A new bundle by StackSocial.

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What's included?

  • Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs: Understand How Diagflow Works & Use It for the Development of Chatbots
  • Certified Jenkins Engineer (New): Demonstrate Your Level of Proficiency, Skills & Hands-On Experience of Using and Implementing Jenkins
  • Docker Swarm Basics: Learn the Fundamentals of Docket Swarm & Develop Your Skills to Build, Automate, and Monitor a Server Cluster for Containers
  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD): Design, Build, Configure & Expose Cloud-Native Applications for Kubernetes
  • Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA): Validate Your Skills & Competency to Perform the Responsibilities of Kubernetes Administrators
  • Git & GitHub Training Course: Learn the Basics of Git, Its Core Features & Basic Workflow to Manage the Source Code of Your Projects
  • Red Hat OpenShift Administration: Perform Necessary Configuration & Administrative Tasks to Ensure Deployment of the Red Hat OpenShift Platform
  • Ansible Basics: Use Ansible for Application Deployment, Configuration Management, Intraservice Orchestration & Provisioning
  • OpenShift Basics: Learn the Fundamentals of OpenShift to Develop, Deploy & Manage Your Cloud Applications
  • Learn Kubernetes with AWS & Docker : Automate the Process of Application Deployment, Management & Scaling with AWS and Docker
  • Docker Certified Associate: Master the Operations & Management of Docker
  • Puppet 206 Exam: System Administration Using Puppet: Develop Basic Modules & Administer System Infrastructure Using Puppet