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DailyIndieGame - DIG 1C RTS Bundle

DailyIndieGame - DIG 1C RTS Bundle teaser

Get 6 games on Steam....

This bundle includes Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade, Desert Law, Stalingrad and World War I.

Each game is playable on Windows and redeemable on Steam. Pay $1.49 for the complete bundle.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 88


Steam | Windows | Strategy

Stalingrad is a real-time strategy title that places gamers in the middle of the most dramatic periods of World War II, covering major events from June 1942 till January 1943.

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Steam % 81
Metascore 77

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

Steam | Windows | Military, Strategy

A third-person tactical action game that plays out like a blockbuster war movie. Pitching the player headlong into the war-torn battlegrounds of Europe.

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Steam % 80

World War I

Steam | Windows | Strategy

World War I is a real-time strategy based on the modified version of the well-known Blitzkrieg engine.

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Steam % 75
Metascore 59

Cuban Missile Crisis

Steam | Windows | Strategy

Cuban Missile Crisis is a real-time strategy game combined with a global turn-based tactical mode, thrusting gamers into a world ravaged by the military-political confrontation between the USA and USSR in 1962.

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Steam % 58

Cuban Missile Crisis: Ice Crusade

Steam | Windows | Strategy

Ice Crusade is a stand-alone expansion for post-apocalyptic real time strategy Cuban Missile Crisis. Ice Crusade continues the original story and adds new campaigns, battlegrounds and units.

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Steam % 53

Desert Law

Steam | Windows | RPG, Strategy

Desert Law is a new spin on the traditional real-time strategy that immerses players into a post-apocalyptic world where gasoline is the new world currency.

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