Humble Monthly Bundle 2022 June

The Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle 2022

The Complete Renewable Energy Engineer Preparation Bundle 2022 teaser

Be an Expert for the Environment with 38 Hours of Content on Solar, Wind, & Other Renewable Energies. A new e-Learning bundle.

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What's included?

  • Basics of Wind Turbines: The Only Course Out There with Everything You Need to Know About Wind Energy from A to Z
  • ETAP Power System Protection Analysis for Electrical Engineers: Learn ETAP, Power System Analysis, & Supporting Hand Calculations from ETAP Expert
  • ETAP Power System Analysis for Electrical Engineers: Achieve Your Goals to Become an ETAP & Power System Expert
  • Electronic & Electrical Devices Maintenance and Troubleshooting: Start Playing with Electronic Components & Fix Electronic Devices
  • Solar Energy & Wind Energy Simulations in ETAP and MATLAB: Simulate Solar & Wind Energy Systems in ETAP and MATLAB Programs
  • Protection of PV System & Earthing System: Understand How to Protect a PV System from Electric Hazards & Faults
  • Solar Water Pumping System & Mega Scale PV Design: Design a Solar Water Pumping System from the Ground Up
  • Off Grid & On Grid PV Systems Design Course: Learn About the Different Components of On & Off Grid PV Systems and How to Design These Systems
  • Basics of Solar Energy: A Comprehensive Course on Solar Power, From PV Cells to Controllers & Inverters
  • Wind Feasibility Study & Probability Distribution Functions: Learn the Importance of Wind Feasibility Study & How to Represent Wind Data Using Weibull Distribution
  • Types of Electrical Generators, Maximum Power Point Tracking, & Power Control: Different Types of Electrical Generators in Wind Systems, How to Control Them, & How to Produce Maximum Power
  • Data Center Essentials: Power & Electrical Systems: The Power & Electrical Systems that Support Data Centers and the Internet
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Humble Monthly Bundle 2022 June