BundleHunt - Online Entrepreneur e-Book Bundle

BundleHunt - Online Entrepreneur e-Book Bundle

15 Web Design & Online Marketing ebooks!

Featuring Design and Marketing ebooks written by some of the world's most respected webdesigners and entrepreneurs. Learn all the fundamentals and tricks to really master the art of Design, Social Media and Marketing.

Get the complete bundle Worth $409, NOW for just $25!

These ebooks are included:

  • Digging Into WordPress
  • Better Backbone Applications with MarionetteJS
  • Taming CSS Complexity (SmashingMagazine)
  • Marketing Secrets For Web Designers
  • SitePoint: Jump Start HTML5: Basics
  • SitePoint: Jump Start HTML5: Canvas and SVG
  • SitePoint: Jump Start HTML5: Multimedia
  • Conversations with Design Entrepreneurs
  • Cross Browser Handbook
  • Be Awesome at Online Business
  • jQuery Trickshots
  • Hello Internet Marketing
  • How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit
  • Google Adwords for Creatives
  • Mastering App Presentation