BundleBandits - New Year´s Riot Bundle

BundleBandits - New Year´s Riot Bundle

Bundle Bandits brings you an 8 Games Indie Bundle!

This time, you find a mix of lesser known indie titles including card games, Shooter, puzzles, platformers and a shoot-em up!

Support indie game developers and try these games. Maybe you find some pearls!

All eight games are redeemable on Desura for Windows. (Some games are also available on Mac and Linux!)

Get the complete game bundle for Only $2 - Or Pay What You Want!

This game bundle contains

Battlegrounds of Eldhelm

Desura | Windows, Mac |

A free to play collectible card game.


Desura | Windows |

A super hard retro platformer!


Desura | Windows, Mac |

Armed with a lot of maniac weapons, fight the evil spawn of your imagination.

Wiwi's Adventures 3

Desura | Windows |

Play with 4 different characters, drive a sport car, use a jetpack and shoot as fast as you can!


Desura | Windows, Mac, Linux |

A turn-based tactical game.

Space Ranger - Arcade Shooter Kit

Desura | Windows | General

An Arcade Shooter with 20 Missions of UFO blasting, Spacemen rescues, Mining operations and much more!


Desura | Windows, Linux |

A game about flesh and meat, about the enslavement of both the consumed and the consumer, about life and the systems built around it.

Bandit Skies

Desura | Windows, Mac | Adventure Games

An old-skool scrolling shoot-em-up game mixed into a mini RPG.