Bundle Stars - Titanium Bundle

Bundle Stars - Titanium Bundle

A FPS multiplayer mayhem bundle...

This game bundle contains Murder Miners 4-Pack, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, Puddle, Wooden Sen'SeY, Super Lemonade Factory, Space Farmers 2-Pack, Terrorhedron, Kill Fun Yeah, Project Root and Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent.

Pay only €4.49 for 10 STEAM Games.

All games are redeemable on Steam. 4 title also containing Steam Trading Cards.

Hint: Don´t miss the other Steam Bundles by Bundle Stars.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 95

Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General, Indie

Spy Chameleon RGB Agent is a challenging arcade-puzzle game where the player needs to avoid being spotted thanks to the color-changing mechanisms of the main character.

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Steam % 94
Metascore 88

Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | 2D, Action, Adventure, Indie

This game builds upon the classic open-world Metroid-vania style of games, by adding a melee combat component, a dimension switching mechanic, and cooperative same-screen multiplayer.

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Steam % 85

Murder Miners

Steam | Windows | Action, General, Indie

Murder Miners is the #1 rated Xbox Live Indie Game.

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Steam % 74

Space Farmers

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, General, Indie, Third Person Shooter

Grab a friend, grab a gadget, grab a gun and get ready for the most fun you'll ever have in a co-op game!

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Steam % 73


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Puzzle

Guide your puddle of fluid through a vast range of environments and puzzles!

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Steam % 61

Super Lemonade Factory

Steam | Windows | 2D, Indie, Platformer

Post World War II, a region in political turmoil.

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Steam % 56

Wooden Sen'SeY

Steam | Windows, Mac | 2D, Action, Indie

Wooden Sen'SeY is an action-platformer, set in a unique "Japan Steam Rock" universe filled with humour.

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Steam % 53

Project Root

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

Project Root the Shoot’em up Evolution.

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Kill Fun Yeah

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action

Murder and capture your way to the top, using an ever increasing arsenal of silly weaponry and items, the powers of deflect, attract and freeze, as well as various powerups.

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Steam | Windows | General

A 3D, cooperative tower defense game.

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