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Bundle Stars - The Razor Bundle

Bundle Stars - The Razor Bundle teaser

This bundle is Razor sharp

This bundle includes a bunch of cut-throat Steam games. It contains Syder Arcade, Rage Runner, Skyborn, Super MNC - Turbocross Bundle, Orborun, Saturday Morning RPG, Data Hacker: Initiation, 4 Elements, Galactic Arms Race and Deadly Sin 2.

Activate each game on Steam and play all of them on your Windows PC. 3 games are also playable on Mac and 2 on Linux.

4 titles includes Steam Trading Cards.

Grab the complete Steam Bundle for Only €3.19!

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 88


Steam | Windows | Console-style RPG

Life under the rule of the winged Skyborn race isn't so bad for Claret Spencer, the star mechanic of an independent repair shop. She can patch up just about anything...but when a certain cravat-wearing customer turns her life upside-down, she finds herself pulled into an epic, city-wide conflict that's going to take a lot more than elbow...

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Steam % 85


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie, Racing

Orborun is a 3D action skill run & roll game! Control your Orbot, avoid the obstacles and escape the hazardous Orbo-world. More than 100 levels, local co-op multiplayer, feeling of speed and twisted levels in haste/puzzle and hazard shaped different

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Metascore 76

Syder Arcade

Steam | Windows | General

A multi directional shoot 'em up - furious, challenging, straightforward. A game about player skill and swearing madly at your computer.

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Steam % 73

Rage Runner

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Arcade, Casual, General, Indie, Racing, Simulation

This fast, fun and challenging sci-fi game is truly like no other 3D racer, it will make you cry JUST ONE MORE TRY! Race through beautiful procedurally generated 3D space-scapes or a set of 13 hand-crafted challenges that will put your skills to the test.

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Steam % 42

Data Hacker: Corruption

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Console-style RPG, Indie, RPG, Simulation

What if there were virtual realms that exist just beyond our reach? What if an online game became the bridge? The worlds are changing rapidly, with each side vying for a position that will secure their realm's future. In the coming war, on which side do

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Saturday Morning RPG

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Role-Playing

An episodic RPG heavily inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons. (OST by 80s composer Vince DiCola)

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4 Elements

Steam | Windows | General

The magic of the four elements no longer yield the energy of life. It is up to you to restore the kingdom to life.

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Galactic Arms Race

Steam | Windows | General

Players pilot a Gun Ship and battle aliens, pirates, and other villainous enemies, to discover unique and potentially more powerful weapon systems to outfit their Gun Ships.

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Deadly Sin 2

Steam | Windows | Console-style RPG

Several opposing factions are clashing for dominance over the Empire and its people. Take up the mighty blade and challenge the power of the heavens!

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Super Monday Night Combat ‐ + Turbocross Bundle DLC

Steam, Free-to-play | Windows |

Super Monday Night Combat is a multiplayer shooter where every kill streak is judged by hilarious sportscasters and cheering, or jeering, fans!

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Humble Choice Bundle October 2020 - Steam Games