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Bundle Stars - The Gizmo Steam Bundle

Bundle Stars - The Gizmo Steam Bundle teaser

8 Steam keys...

This new Steam game bundle by Bundle Stars contains Isbarah, HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles, Jump Stars, FIVE: Guardians of David, Reflection of Mine, SpiritSphere, Space Pilgrim Episode I: Alpha Centauri, Fallen.

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Each game is delivered as a Steam key. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. Selected games in this bundle are also playable on Apple Mac and Linux. 6 games include Steam Trading Cards.

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This game bundle contains

Teaser image for SpiritSphere
Steam % 90


Steam | Windows | Action, Casual, Indie, Sports

SpiritSphere is a local multiplayer game that draws inspiration from classics like Zelda and Windjammers and mashes it together with the nostalgic feel of playing air hockey at your local arcade.

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Teaser image for HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles
Steam % 88

HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Adventure, Indie

HeartZ offers you a hearty combination of platform, action, puzzle and local co-op gaming. Outsmart traps and solve mysteries in each room and level while getting rid of Dr. Nylus' soldiers and machines! Kick, jump, fart, scare, bite... your way through mischievously designed levels!

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Steam % 87

Space Pilgrim Episode One: Alpha Centauri

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Indie, Role-Playing

Captain Gail Pilgrim has been flying starships since she was a kid, ferrying passengers between planets and space stations across the galaxy. She has no reason to expect that this latest trip to Alpha Centauri will be anything special, even if her passengers are a little more diverse than usual....

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Steam % 87

Reflection of Mine

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Puzzle

Reflection of Mine is a dark puzzle video game about the dissociative identity disorder. The entire game takes place in the broken mind of Lilly Witchgan and the goal is to discover who is real – Lilly herself or one of her many personalities.

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Teaser image for Isbarah
Steam % 83


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Isbarah is a cross-genre of bullet hell and platformer style, it's a hardcore 2d game and each level is a duel boss fight. Players will need to fully understand the boss patterns. It’s built on smartly managing your powers and to use them wisely to survive - everything in our game involves dodging and making smart movements.

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Steam % 72
Metascore 66

FIVE: Guardians of David

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Adventure, RPG, Role-Playing

FIVE: Guardians of David is a Diablo-style action-RPG set in the ancient lands of Canaan. Lead and play the five heroes, battling across exotic locations filled with archaic cultures, rich characters, and powerful artifacts. Experience one of the

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Teaser image for Fallen
Steam % 55


Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie

Story of a Father who is in search of his son who has fallen in a cave. You play as Father and fight with monsters,ghosts and deadly animals to save your son. This game has also local multiplayer which can be played upto four players.

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Teaser image for Jump Stars
Steam % 45

Jump Stars

Steam | Windows | Action, Indie

Jump Stars is a two to four player party game that blurs the lines between cooperative and competitive play. Work as a team to beat the show, but there can be only one winner! Who will turn on who first?

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