Bundle Stars - Immortal Bundle

Bundle Stars - Immortal Bundle

Dungeons, Castles & Flying Pigs!

This game bundle contains Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly, CastleMiner Z, Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle, Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, FATE: Undiscovered Realms, The Night of the Rabbit, Solar Flux, Stick RPG 2: Director's Cut, Majesty Gold HD and Third Eye Crime.

All 10 games are redeemable on Steam. 5 titles are with Steam Trading Cards included.

Pay only $3.99 for the complete Bundle.

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This game bundle contains

Steam % 90
Metascore 75

The Night of the Rabbit

Steam | Windows, Mac | Adventure, General, Indie

Lose yourself in a tale of magic and wonder, where anything is possible and where nothing is quite as it seems: join young Jerry and follow a peculiar white rabbit to the wondrous realm of Mousewood, a land where critters can speak and where mystery abounds.

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Steam % 79

Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, General, Indie

An emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!

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Steam % 77

Solar Flux

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General, Indie, Strategy

Travel across the universe and save dying suns from extinction in this unique and challenging puzzle strategy game.

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Steam % 72

CastleMiner Z

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, General, Indie

CastleMiner Z is an infinite world filled with deep places to explore, and horrifying monsters to slay.

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Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle

Steam | Windows | Role-Playing

A retro graphic style indie RPG roguelike, with a terrible sense of humour.

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Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim (Gold Edition)

Steam | Windows | Compilations

This Gold bundle cotains the full Majesty game, and the expansion pack, The Northern Expansion.

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Fate: Undiscovered Realms

Steam | Windows | Action RPG

The dungeon crawl-ier sequel!

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Stick RPG 2: Director's Cut

Steam | Windows, Mac | Console-style RPG

Thrust into a bizarre and unfamiliar city and find your place among strange citizens.

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Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars

Steam | Windows | Real-Time Strategy

Offering an evolving online environment, in which you will be gathering resources, constructing buildings and walls, directing your citizens, completing quests.

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Third Eye Crime

Steam | Windows | General

A stealth puzzle game featuring a smooth-talking criminal who can telepathically predict where enemies will move to attempt to thwart his heists.

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