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Bundle Stars - Hidden Gems Bundle 3

Bundle Stars - Hidden Gems Bundle 3 teaser

10 Steam games...

This bundle by Bundle Stars contains Planet Diver, Crowman & Wolfboy, Story Of the Survivor, Defend The Highlands, Galagan's Island: Reprymian Rising, Anode, Cashtronauts, Centauri Sector, Galactic Inheritors and Jerry McPartlin - Rebel with a Cause.

Activate each game on Steam and play them on your Windows PC. Selected titles are also available on Apple Mac. 6 titles contain Steam Trading Cards! Grab the complete bundle for $2.49.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 100

Crowman & Wolfboy

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Casual, Early Access, Indie

Crowman & Wolfboy is a story driven, level based, action-platformer/runner hybrid. Join this unlikely pair of shadow creatures on a bizarre journey to escape their own nature and find the mysterious beings known as "humans".

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Steam % 97


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Casual, Indie, Puzzle

Anode reintroduces the classic falling-block puzzle genre, with new twists and challenges! Link blocks back and forth across each other. Match angled couplers to create chains of multiple colors. Play Mission Mode and complete randomly-generated ...

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Steam % 92

Galagan's Island

Steam | Windows, Mac | Action, Casual, Early Access, Indie

Galagan's Island is an Arcade style Space Shooter paying loving homage to classic arcade style & difficulty. This Bullet Hell is sure to satisfy your Shmup Shortage! Featuring 25 LEVELS of handcrafted whimsical charm. Formations so pretty you almost

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Steam % 90

Planet Diver

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie

Planet Diver is about an adventurous daredevil tackling her newest obsession: Interstellar wing suit diving. With her close robotic companion Buddy she'll travel across space to seek out the most dangerous planets and their respective chasms to dive in.

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Steam % 79

Defend The Highlands

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Indie, Strategy

Defend the Highlands combines the genres of Tower Defence, Real Time Strategy, and Scotland. The player will have to build defences, recruit Scotsmen and manage their porridge stockpile as they fight off the British invasion of Scotland.

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Steam % 73


Steam | Windows | Action, Early Access, General, Indie

Take to the stars and smuggle, shoot, scavenge and steal your way to wealth and glory! Cashtronauts is fast-paced space capitalism at its finest. How are you going to make your millions?

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Steam % 67

Story Of the Survivor

Steam | Windows | Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Role-Playing, Simulation

Story of the Survivor is an action RPG that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. Surviving isn't going to be easy, and zombies aren't the only things to worry about. You must also eat and drink to survive as well as avoid other survivors.

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Steam % 67

Jerry McPartlin - Rebel with a Cause

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure, Indie

Discover the sinister secret of Barnett Springs, help Jerry solve a mysterious murder before a shifty FBI agent jumps to the wrong conclusion, and prove that Rock’n’Roll is anything but the devil’s music. Maybe you can even help Jerry to impress ...

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Steam % 58

Centauri Sector

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Action, Indie, Strategy

Centauri Sector is a top down tactical space combat game powered by a dynamic turn based campaign, rpg elements, fleet management and ground base combat.

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Steam % 48

Galactic Inheritors

Steam | Windows | Indie, Strategy

Colonise solar systems and watch them grow. Explore the galaxy to find its strategic choke points. Build up your empire and your fleet and then use the power of the media to prepare your people for the inevitable war. At the same time watch your ...

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