Humble Monthly - August 2021

Bundle Stars - Cryptic Bundle 2

Bundle Stars - Cryptic Bundle 2 teaser

A new 8-Steam-key bundle...

This bundle by Bundle Stars contains Weird Park Trilogy, The Emptiness, Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts, Princess Isabella, Escape The Lost Kingdom: Forgotten Pharaoh, Culpa Innata, Dreamscapes - The Sandman and Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines.

Activate each game on Steam and play them on your Windows PC. Grab the complete bundle for €2.20.

This game bundle contains

Steam % 96

Weird Park Trilogy

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Compilation

The curtain closes on the Weird Park saga with the shocking conclusion of the third chapter! Are you ready for the Final Show?

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Steam % 83

Dreamscapes: The Sandman

Steam | Windows | Adventure, General

Playing as a volunteer, offered to help the mad professor, you'll come to a bad dream of comatose girl Laura. Find Laura got lost in the world of dreams. Dispel girl’s nightmares. Collect the stolen and destroyed Dream catcher, defeat the Sandman and help Laura to wake up in the real world.

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Steam % 79
Metascore 66

Culpa Innata

Steam | Windows | Adventure Games

The World Union is labeled the 'perfect society'. Prosperity is a science, disease and wars have vanished, sex is entertainment, and the future has never looked brighter. Suddenly this perfect society is rocked by the murder of a World Union citizen in

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Steam % 79

Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Hidden Object

Help the Princess save her friends and family!

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Steam % 75

Escape The Lost Kingdom: The Forgotten Pharaoh

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Puzzle

A young family is invited to visit the newly opened museum in Egypt; while touring the museum they discover a long forgotten tomb of a cursed Pharaoh named Raned.

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Steam % 73

Haunted Past: Realm of Ghosts

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Puzzle

Many years ago, Emily plummeted from an attic window to her doom. Her house now lies abandoned along with the mystery of her death. Sara has inherited this dark home, only to discover that it is not empty.

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Steam % 63

Sister's Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, General

Welcome to dangerous adventure! Help to find one of the lost twin sisters in the world, where the time has stood still and the magic filled the air.

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Steam % 28

The Emptiness Deluxe Edition

Steam | Windows | Adventure, Casual, Point-and-Click

Warning! The game is not recommended for people with an unhealthy state of mind, nervous disorders or heart disease. Experience The Emptiness and discover a psychological adventure game unlike anything you've ever seen before!

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