BUNDLE for FREE: The Mighty Mac App Bundle

BUNDLE for FREE: The Mighty Mac App Bundle

A software bundle for FREE!

Catch a free ride to Apple Mac excellence with 10 apps that improve performance & productivity with this "FREE Mighty Mac App Bundle" by Stacksocial.

Unlock Access-Controlled Media Files For Use on Any Device. Create & Save High Quality DVD File Backups to Your Hard Drive. Combine Your Desktop Devices Together for One Cohesive Experience. Find a Free Wi-Fi Network Anywhere, Anytime. Easily Navigate Between All Your Desktop Windows with a Quick-Access Grid Layout. Effortlessly Create Gorgeous Signatures for Your Digital Documents. Remove Junk Files & Free Up Memory to Speed Up Your Computer. Hide Your Files from View to Safeguard from External Threats. Easily Drag, Drop & Share Your Files with This Simple File Transfer Protocol. Automatically Delete Your Cookies After Each Browsing Session.

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Included software:

  • iTunes Converter for Mac
  • WinX DVD Ripper for Mac
  • Synergy App
  • AirRadar By Koingo
  • Window Tidy
  • Autograph Signature App
  • ZipZapMac's Memory Cleaner App
  • Keep Files Private with Invisible
  • Yummy FTP Alias
  • Privatus Automated Privacy Protection