Bundle Bandits - Bandits Steam Bundle 1

Bundle Bandits - Bandits Steam Bundle 1

An Indie Game Bundle with 7 Steam keys for $2!

This time, you will get the following 7 indie games for small money: KAIRO, Q.U.B.E., Clones, Storm in a Teacup and iBomber Attack + Defense + Defense Pacific.

Get the complete bundle for Only $2! (€1.45)

All games games are redeemable on Steam for Windows! (6 games also available on Mac and 3 on Linux)

KAIRO also includes Steam Trading Cards!

Hint: There is another active Bundle by the Bundle Bandits ... you´ll find the link in the Bundle statistics!

This game bundle contains

Steam % 78


Steam, Desura | Windows | Casual, General, Indie, Real Time Strategy, Strategy

Clones is a friendly, fun, and engaging evolution to the classic Lemmings puzzle genre which includes robust internet-multiplayer with team play, different game modes, powerups, leaderboards, and a built-in level editor that was used to create the ...

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Metascore 76


Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | Adventure Games

Enter the lost world of Kairo.

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Steam % 72

Storm in a Teacup

Steam | Windows, Mac | 2D, Casual, Indie, Platformer

Take Storm on a wonderful adventure in his magical teacup.

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Metascore 69


Steam | Windows, Mac | Puzzle

A first-person puzzle game.

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iBomber Attack

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General

Jump into your tank and get ready to blast your way around Europe and defeat the enemy in this visceral tour of destruction with 24 missions full of explosive action.

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iBomber Defense

Steam | Windows, Mac | Real-Time Strategy

Position your defenses & prepare for attack!

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iBomber Defense Pacific

Steam | Windows, Mac, Linux | General

This game takes tower defense to a new level.

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