Humble Montly 2021 July

Blink Bundle - The Epic Highborn Bundle

Blink Bundle - The Epic Highborn Bundle teaser

Get 8 indie games for Steam at a low price!

This new Blink Bundle brings you a space simulation, a narrative-driven RPG, a bunch of turn-based strategy role-playing games, puzzle action and survival horror game.

For a minimum of $1.99 you get 4 games.

Pay $4.99 for the complete 8 STEAM Games Bundle!

Play all Games on Steam on Windows. 4 games also containing Steam Trading Cards!

Hint: There are 2 not yet unlocked bonus games! 😀

This game bundle contains

Steam % 98

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Steam | Windows | Adventure, General, RPG

Battle through waves of enemies and solve puzzles in this turn-based RPG inspired by old classics.

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Steam % 92

Silent Storm: Gold Edition

Steam | Windows | Action, RPG, Strategy

Silent Storm from leading Russian developer Nival is a true 3D tactical turn-based Role-Playing-Game set against the backdrop of WWII. As the conflict rages on the frontlines, you’ll be leading a small multinational squad behind enemy lines to gather ...

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Steam % 82


Steam | Windows | Casual, Indie, Puzzle

Click, turn and match four blocks! Enjoy smart and speedy puzzle action! Clickr is a next generation puzzle game developed by Ntreev Soft, the studio behind Pangya & Trickster. The game competed in the 2010 Independent Games Festival and was selected

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Metascore 62

Spaceforce: Rogue Universe

Steam | Windows | Futuristic Combat Sims

An open-end RPG space simulation with a focus on ship development and freedom of choice.

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Metascore 47

Winter Voices Prologue: Avalanche

Steam | Windows | Role-Playing

Control a 24 year-old heroine in this narrative-driven role-playing game and battle her worst enemies – her own personal demons.

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Steam | Windows, Mac | General

A turn-based strategy game that offers an intelligent, tactical experience.

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Zafehouse: Diaries

Steam | Windows | Other Strategy Games

A procedural generated tactical game of survival, planning, resource management and problem-solving using a unique diary-based interface.

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Winter Voices Episode 1: Those Who Have No Name

Steam | Windows | Role-Playing

Haunted by ghosts in your past you must find the courage to face your fears. (Requires the base game Winter Voices Prologue.)

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Winter Voices Episode 2: Nowhere of Me

Steam | Windows | Role-Playing

Your future takes shape as you battle your way through an inhumane nature.

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Alien Zombie Megadeath

Steam | Windows | Other Strategy Games

You are the lone Spaceman doing boring space work on a random space platform when suddenly a alien zombie force attacks! An intense platform shoot-em-up!

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