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How to: Disable AdBlock to support a website?

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You love a website, visit it quit often, maybe daily or hourly, and want to support it? This tutorial shows how to turn off an Ad-Blocker for your favourite website. If you disable your AdBlock for a site you'll support the people behind it and help them to operate and evolve it. This tutorial shows how to turn off AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and uBlock.

How to deactivate an Ad-Blocker for a site?

Following you'll find the instructions how to turn off AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and uBlock for the website currently visible in your browser. This tutorial doesn't disable the AdBlocker completely. If you disable your AdBlocker for a website you'll support the people behind the website project.

These instructions work for AdBlock plugins / extensions in Google's Chrome Browser, Mozillas' Firefox, Microsoft' Internet Explorer and the Opera Browser. Also this tutorial works on Windows PC, Apple Mac and Linux machines!

AdBlock Plus / ABP

  • 1. Click on the AdBlock Plus extension icon.
  • 2. Click „Enabled on this site“ to disable AdBlock for the current site.

uBlock Origin

  • 1. Click on the uBlock extension icon.
  • 2. Click the blue „power“ button to disable AdBlock for the current site


  • 1. Click on the AdBlock extension icon.
  • 2. Click „Don‘t run on this domain“ to disable AdBlock for the current site.

If you've any question or problem with this step by step guide, then just take a look at the comments! Feel free to ask a question, or just add a note!

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