Complete 2022 American Sign Language Lifetime Bundle

Complete 2022 American Sign Language Lifetime Bundle

Your One-Stop Shop to Learn ASL! 100+ Hours of CPD Accredited Training, Quizzes, Content, & A Digital Edition eBook to Help You Take Your Skills Even Further! A new e-Learning bundle.

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Learn the basics from the sign language alphabet to more advanced signs, such as medical emergencies.

What's included?

  • CPD accredited with a certificate of completion for each level
  • Lifetime access via web or mobile
  • Over 100 hours of online learning
  • Completely re-recorded over ASL sign videos for 2021 with a fresh new look
  • Multiple sign variations for some of the popular phrases based on feedback from our students
  • Includes practice videos as an alternative to the interactive format
  • Continuously added new and improved quizzes
  • Including the American Sign Language Book – Ebook Edition as part of the complete bundle