10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle

10-For-$10 Mac App Bundle

Supercharge your productivity!

This bundle contains ten highly-rated productivity tools for your Apple Mac. Included are: Disk Map, MenuTab Pro, NotesTab Pro, CopyClip 2, Privacy Protector, Share Bucket, StatsBar, StockTab, Alerts for Gmail and InstaReel for Instagram.

Get the complete bundle for only $10.

Included software

  • Disk Map - Roadmap of Files & Apps
  • MenuTab Pro for Facebook - A Sleek App
  • NotesTab Pro - Access Your Notes
  • CopyClip 2 - Manage Copied & Cut Data
  • Privacy Protector - Guard Your Data
  • Share Bucket - Simple File Sharing
  • StatsBar - Monitor Your Mac
  • StockTab - Stock Market
  • Alerts for Gmail - Email Alerts
  • InstaReel for Instagram - Browse Instagram

All apps are available as instant digital downloads and each app includes minor updates.