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Pay what you want starting at $0.25 !!!

McDroid Developer has just offered up some amazing bonuses and incentives. Tell your friends and start gifting away so we can unlock these goodies for everyone:

  • 2000 purchased - 2 new droid skins and 1 new music track
  • 3000 purchased - new alien enemy: the crawler slasher
  • 4000 purchased will unlock a new weapon, the Nuclear Mine = big boom!
  • 5000 copies will unlock the Pet Bot “Lazer Head” - a helper bot that stays with you from level to level that you can upgrade.

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    Other Strategy Gameswindows, mac, linuxgreenlight, desura
    A game by Elefantopia
  • 3 of the game soundtracks that were recorded in Paris.

    These are un-edited and un-processed so you can hear the scratch of the guitars and the breathing in the harmonica.

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