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A "Pay What You Want" PC Game deal!

Super Lemonade Factory Part Two: "This successor of Super Lemonade Factory has more of everything you loved about the first installment, more zany dialog, more gorgeous pixel art and more spikes."

Pay What You Want - starting at $0.25 for Super Lemonade Factory Part Two.

Give a little bit more - beat the average - and you´ll also get the first installment of Super Lemonade Factory and also the crazy multiplayer game Revvolvver.

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • STEAM %61
    Indie, Platformer, 2Dwindows, macgreenlight, drm-free
    Super Lemonade Factory
    Post World War II, a region in political turmoil. Andre’s father offers to give him his lemonade factory – but on one condition; he and his wife, Liselot, must journey through the entire factory, a task that is easier said than done. Andre and Liselot ... A game by initials
    A crazy multiplayer (up to four) platformer that places emphasis on accuracy. Hitting targets with all six of your revvolvvers bullets will win the game. A game by Initials
    Super Lemonade Factory Part Two
    This game is bigger than ever! Super Lemonade Factory Two has more of everything you loved about the first, more zany dialog, more gorgeous pixel art and more spikes. A game by Initials
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