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IndieGameStand - 12 days of Christmas Charity 27 FREE Indie Games!


27 awesome 100% FREE indie games!

In this collection of free games - created by the fellows of IndieGameStand - you will probably find the hidden gems you've seached for!

You find all links to the Download-Pages next the the game details!

Explore sci-fi Adventures, stealth, open word and classic Platformers, a bunch of Role-Playing games, a western Shoot 'em up (and a space shmup too) and some Puzzles!

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    Role-Playingwindows, macfree
    Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa
    A game set in a world where basketball is outlawed and our only savior is Charles Barkley. A game by Tales of Game's Studios
    platformerswindows, macfree
    Celestial Mechanica
    A mixture of action, puzzle, exploration and adventure. A game by Roger Hicks & Paul Veer
    Beat the Average: Lyle In Cube Sector
    Climb to the Top of the Castle
    An action platformer in 2D. Save the Princess by jumping and slashing your way to the top! A game by Two Bros. Games
    Action Adventurewindows, mac, linuxfree
    Dead Cyborg: Episode 1
    You have no memories, but you find some messages from the past... from yourself... A first person view sci-fi adventure game. A game by Endre Barth
    Action Adventurewindows, mac, linuxfree
    Dead Cyborg: Episode 2
    An sci-fi adventure game. Episode 2 continues where Episode 1 leaves off. A game by Endre Barth
    Role-Playingwindows, macfree
    Desktop Dungeons (Prototype)
    A ten-minute roguelike "dungeon crawl" adventure! WARNING: May contain traces of goat. A game by QCF Design
    Happy Little Murder Friends
    A top-down massacre game. A game by FarmerGnome
    Other Shooterswindowsfree
    A game for shoot em up players - Take the controls of your ship and prepare to die! A game by Locomalito
    Knytt is a 2D platform game featuring exploration, atmosphere, and infinite cuteness. A game by nifflas
    Knytt Stories
    A 2D platform game. Each level is its own little adventure! (includes a level editor) A game by nifflas
    Lyle In Cube Sector
    Lyle's kitty has been stolened and now he must retrieve his meowmeow companion! A game by Nic Destefano
    Platformerswindows, linuxfree
    Maldita Castilla
    An pixel action arcade game full of myths from Europe. A game by Locomalito
    An exploration game. A game by John Clowder
    Noitu Love & The Army of Grinning Darns
    An action packed adventure! A game by Konjak
    Modernwindows, macfree
    A game about destruction, deception, and fatherhood. Control Octodad, a dapper octopus! This is the free "original student game" version of Octodad! A game by Young Horses, Inc
    windows, macfree
    Take control of “The Batter” in a perplexing, unknown world with 4 zones! A game by Mortis Ghost
    A logic, prediction and programming-based puzzle game. Welcome to Progress. A game by HiVE
    Skydiving Academy
    Just skydive! A game by FarmerGnome
    Tale of Maledict
    A non-linear action adventure filled with power-ups, boss fights and NPCs. A game by Hugo Desmeules
    The Legend of Princess
    A homage to the Legend of Zelda series with swordplay, explosions, and great level design! A game by Konjak
    The Spirit Engine 2
    An extensive plot spanning nine distinct chapters. History is unravelling in the once peaceful state of Lereftain. A game by Mark Pay
    Adventure Gameswindowsfree
    Treasure Adventure Game
    Part RPG, part adventure game, part platformer! Named one of the best indie game of 2011. A game by Robit Studios
    Trilby the Art of Theft
    A mission-based stealth platformer. Infiltrate buildings, steal loot, achieve objectives! A game by Yahtzee
    Umbrella Adventure
    A hand-drawn and animated adventure-platform game. A game by HiVE
    Under the Garden
    A sandbox-style exploration game. Set in a harsh winter environment, where supplies are limited and resources such as food and lumber for your fireplace have to be gathered from the land. A game by FarmerGnome
    windows, mac, linuxfree
    A game about swimming inside cubes that are floating around in the air. A game by Nifflas

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