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Indie Royale - The Sigma Bundle


A new Indie Bundle by Indie Royale.

Nine great indie titles ranging from puzzles via action, strategy, platformer & first person RPG action to more strategy.

There's a lot of sci-fi and strategy this week!

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • Bonus game added!

    Bonus game NarcoGuerra added - Can you End the Never-Ending War?

    This Indie Game Bundle now includes 9 games!

  • Bonus game added!

    Bonus game I, Zombie added - this time YOU are the zombie!

    A bundle with 8 titles ranging from puzzles via action, strategy, platformer & first person RPG action to more strategy.

  • STEAM %46
    Indie, Simulation, Strategy, 4X, Fantasywindows, mac, linuxdrm-free, steam
    Skyward Collapse
    How do you balance -- and indeed encourage -- a war between factions without letting either side obliterate the other? How do you rule over gods, creatures, and men who refuse to obey you? How do you build a landscape of villages when bandits and ... A game by Arcen Games, LLC
    Other Strategy Gameswindowsdrm-free
    Can you End the Never-Ending War? Challenging, tactical, engaging and above all, drawn from reality, this is strategy gaming at is most intelligent. NarcoGuerra puts you in the frontline of one of the most dangerous conflicts ever. From the A game by GameTheNews.net
  • STEAM %-
    Real-Time Strategywindowssteam, drm-free
    Starpoint Gemini
    A tactical simulation role playing game. A journey into the depths of space. A game by Little Green Men
  • STEAM %-
    The player takes the role of a mercenary commander in the outer rims of the galaxy, fighting for control over the rare spaceship fuel Starvoid. On the battlefield, the player has an arsenal of combat droids, vehicles and ingenious abilities ranging A game by Zeal Game Studios
    Survive is a first person zombie survival shooter set in a procedurally generated open world. The idea of the game is what would you do in the zombie apocalypse. You are put in a random house in a huge completely procedurally generated world. You have A game by Subsurface Games
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