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Indie Royale - The Indie Gamer Chick Bundle


Indie Gamers Chick´s handpicked favorites in a Bundle!

She's chosen PC versions of 10 of the best games from Xbox Live Indie Games for you.

You get all these games for an awesome price!

If you pay a little bit more, you get also 3 music albums by Gavin Harrison.

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • 2 bonus games added!

    You will now also get 48 Chambers and EvilQuest! Don´t miss this 10 indie game bundle!

  • STEAM %100
    Adventure, Casual, Indiesteam
    Jump, dodge and explore in the search for your Owlfriend, who has been kidnapped by Wizzord: the magic space frog! Explore Wizzord's castle, avoid nasty enemies, find the keys and solve trivia questions to free your friend! A game by Daniel McFarline
  • STEAM %89
    Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Role Playing, Generalwindowsdrm-free, steam
    Why save the world when you can conquer it? In EvilQuest, take on the role of Galvis — a dark knight obsessed with ultimate power. Set out on a quest of revenge,destruction and conquest in this exciting retro Action RPG title. A game by Chaosoft Games
  • STEAM %86
    Action, Indie, RPG, Role-Playingwindowssteam
    Dead Pixels
    A toxic waste spill finds its way into the water supply, causing the recently deceased to rise from their graves. Now it's up to you to blast your way through the hordes of undead if you're going to escape the city. On the way to your rescue, you'll ... A game by CSR-Studios
  • Greenlight?
    Actionwindowsgreenlight, drm-free
    Spyleaks combine hardcore puzzle action, shoot'em up extravaganza, intriguing story, retro graphics and a cool original chiptune soundtrack A game by HeartBit Interactive
    48 Chambers
    48 Chambers is a simple, yet challenging 2d game about movement and timing. Race against the clock for the high score as you collect orbs, dodge bullets and blades, and attempt to reach each chamber's exit in one piece. Defeat 48 increasingly A game by Discord Games
  • Metascore76
    Wield your powers of gravity manipulation to fend off a robot invasion. Perform impossible jumps, destroy enemies, and solve puzzles by bending gravity. Explore 20 challenging levels, 2 difficulty settings, and bonus unlockable content. A game by Saturnine Games
    A platformer with over unlockable characters, a light RPG element and leveling up system, loads of unlockables and "styles" that allow the player to change the look of the game at will. A game by Brilliant Blue-G
    Orbitron: Revolution
    The Xbox Live Indie game Orbitron: Revolution arrives on PC! Strap into one of two available spacecraft and engage in a battle against a relentless, mechanical onslaught. Classic arcade style action has you burning and blasting around the Orbitron A game by Firebase Industries Ltd.
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