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Indie Gala - Virtual Reality II Bundle


The STEAM VR Bundle - PWYW!

Pay $1.0 to get the Steam games Heaven Forest - VR MMO, Russian Underground: VR, Killer Klownz. Pay $3.49 to get also the following games: Lockdown: Stand Alone, Child Of Ault, Hoops VR, WackyMoles, Nock: Hidden Arrow, Driftwatch VR, and Random Journey.

Each game is delivered as a Steam key. You can activate / redeem these product keys on Steam. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. Selected games are also playable on Mac and Linux. 3 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want - Pay more / BTA, get more!

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • STEAM %100
    Action, Adventure, Strategywindowssteam
    Child Of Ault
    Child Of Ault is a tower-defense/shooter hybrid, with an emphasis on presence and presentation. In the game, you play the role of boy who uses his magical toy weapons to protect against dark forces. A game by Hangzhou NezhaGames
  • STEAM %93
    Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG, Early Access, Role-Playingwindowssteam
    Nock: Hidden Arrow
    Nock: Hidden Arrow is a stealth archery dungeon crawl full of sneaking, shooting, throwing, and sudden death by trap or blade. No potions, xp, hit point management, or penny pinching for gear upgrades. The focus is on action, feel, and theme. (Traps not A game by CodeBison Games
  • STEAM %90
    Simulation, Sportswindowssteam
    Hoops VR
    Hoops VR is specially designed for the HTC Vive so you can live out the ultimate basketball free-throw challenge. Use the motion controls and shoot hoops as naturally as you would out on the basketball court. Compete online for the top of the global ... A game by Wizard Games Inc
  • STEAM %89
    Action, Early Access, Action Adventurewindowssteam
    Lockdown: Stand Alone
    Step inside one of the most atmospheric and challenging VR games to date. Free movement, refined gun mechanics and large city scenes - no wave shooting. A game by Viversion
  • STEAM %78
    Driftwatch VR
    Driftwatch VR is a Vive on-rails shooter. Travel on the back of a giant whale or helicopter platform to explore our magical realm infested with evil goblins. Defeat the enemies by unleashing your skills with magic mastery, the longbow or dual wielding... A game by Sevenedge Interactive Media
  • STEAM %-
    Violent, Action, Adventure, Simulationwindowssteam
    Killer Klownz
    Alone in your childhood nightmare, you find yourself under attack by homicidal clowns who appear from a dark field of discarded toys. Kill the Klownz before they reach you...or die trying. A game by Peter Labick
  • STEAM %-
    Action, Casual, Simulation, Sportswindowssteam
    Wacky Moles is VR casual game like the Whack-A-Mole. The legend of this town continues and more moles from the backyard also get involved in…. The storyline of this game is that naughty moles often wander in the vegetable field of the backyard. A game by CrystalGame
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