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Indie Gala - Monday Motivation Bundle 2


Every monday a bundle for you!

Grab some nice indie games. Included in this game pack you´ll find Spooky Heroes, Judgement, Jamsouls, MagNets, Puzzle Nebula, King's Guard TD, Awakened, MacGuffin, Sapper's bad dream and Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout - GOTH.

The games in this bundle are redeemable on Steam and playable on your Windows PC. Selected games are also playable on Mac and Linux. 5 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want starting at $1 - Pay more, get more!

You'll find the link to buy this bundle (big green button) and details for the game below or find indiegamebundles here.

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  • STEAM %71
    Casual, Indie, Strategywindowssteam
    King's Guard TD
    Your Highness, our kingdom is at risk. We’re facing great danger! Not only villagers, but also maidens, warriors, mages, ravens, bats, eagles and dragons are trying to destroy our empire. Guard your throne and stop them now! Comments?
  • STEAM %64
    Action, Adventure, Casual, Indiewindowssteam
    Spooky Heroes
    Play as a knight who tries to unveil the mystery behind the spooky events occurring lately : Undead rising at night, hordes of goblins, orcs, tritons, elves, yetis and heretics suddenly becoming hostile, monstrous creatures blocking the path of ... Comments?
  • STEAM %64
    Action, Indie, RPG, 2Dwindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour
    Kill, steal, and tread the tender fields of diplomacy in this RPG Brawler with a ridiculously complicated conversation system - or you can just beat up everyone you meet, you psycho. Comments?
  • STEAM %56
    Adventure, Action Adventurewindows, linuxsteam
    Judgement is a story-driven, decision-making adventure game, where your Judgement can mean the difference between life, death, or somewhere in between. It's a game of morality and how gray it can be. Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Casual, Indie, Puzzlewindowssteam
    Puzzle Nebula
    Puzzle Nebula is a mind-bending puzzle game set in the far corners of space. Comments?
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