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Grab 12 Steam keys - PWYW!

This new pay what you want game bundle contains 3 Steam keys for $1: Freddi Fish and Luther's Water Worries, Knights of the Sky, Mission Runway. Pay more to get also the games Uprising 2, 18 Wheels of Steel, Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Pack, Command HQ, Slave Zero, Search for Amelia Earhart, Capitalism Plus, Sword of the Samurai and Hunting Unlimited 2009.

Each game is delivered as a Steam key. You can activate / redeem these product keys on Steam. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. Selected games are also playable on Mac and Linux. Pay what you want - Pay more / BTA, get more!

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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  • STEAM %100
    Simulation, Drivingwindowssteam
    18 Wheels of Steel: Across America
    Drive faster than your competition, haul your cargo across the entire United States and feel the wind in your face as you control your own destiny. Blast the horn and build a career in the fast-paced world of trucking. A game by SCS Software
  • STEAM %91
    Slave Zero
    It's 500 years in the future. Man and machine are virtually on and the greatest megacity in the world is locked in a brutal war. You are the ultimate saboteur and part of an elite fighting force. Your mission: steal the largest, most sophisticated ... A game by Accolade, Inc.
  • STEAM %88
    Strategywindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Command HQ
    In this fast-paced game of strategic global conquest from award-winning game designer Dan Bunten, you'll control your own superpower as you attempt to outguess and overcome opposing superpowers in World Wars I, II, III IV, and V! A game by Ozark Softscape
  • STEAM %88
    Adventure, Casual, Miscellaneouswindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Freddi Fish and Luther's Maze Madness
    Dive in to help Freddi Fish and Luther navigate a labyrinth of underwater caves and collect the scattered kelp seeds! A game by Humongous Entertainment
  • STEAM %87
    Casual, Miscellaneouswindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Putt-Putt and Fatty Bear's Activity Pack
    Now, two of your child's favorite friends have come together to offer an enchanting collection of 15 traditional, educational and fun-filled activities. A game by Humongous Entertainment
  • STEAM %74
    Mission: Runway
    Do you have what it takes to design a fancy frock or a fashion flop? Compete in creative challenges for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show your creations in a major runway event and become the ultimate fashion designer. Will you be asked to stay A game by Virtual Playground
  • STEAM %-
    Simulation, Sportswindowssteam
    Hunting Unlimited 2009
    Hunt your way across North America's most breathtaking environments! A game by SCS Software
  • STEAM %-
    Action, Simulation, Combatwindows, linuxsteam
    Knights of the Sky
    You are a hunter stalking Germany's most celebrated pilots, including the infamous Baron Manfred von Richtofen. Using news and intelligence reports as well as your own intuition, you track down the 16 men whose successors diminish your own. A game by MicroProse Software, Inc
  • STEAM %-
    Generalwindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Sword of the Samurai
    Enter Japan in the age of warring states. At the center of this role-playing, action-adventure simulation of combat, you are a samurai warrior struggling for honor! A game by MicroProse
  • STEAM %-
    Casual, Miscellaneouswindowssteam
    The Search for Amelia Earhart
    Follow Amelia Earhart’s life through space and time to learn about her accomplishments and discover what could have really happened to her on her last flight. Only you can discover the truth of what really happened on that long flight so many years ... A game by Bamtang
  • STEAM %-
    Action, Strategywindowssteam
    Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy
    After a century of bloody galactic battle, a horde of intelligent bloodthirsty aliens, known as the Kri’iSara, threaten to exterminate all human life. New Alliance Command is counting on you to destroy the alien menace. A game by Cyclone Studios
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