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Indie Gala - CHAOS Empire Bundle


Grab 11 Steam keys - PWYW!

Pay $1.0 or more to get these Steam games! Word Killer: Revolution, Spaceman Sparkles 2, The Temporal Invasion. Pay more to get this bundle full of Steam games! King Lucas, Verde Station, Spaceman Sparkles 3, Zotrix, Hydraulic Empire, Worlds of Chaos, High On Racing, Through the Mirror.

Each game is delivered as a Steam key. You can activate / redeem these product keys on Steam. All of them are playable on your Windows PC. 8 games include Steam Trading Cards. Pay what you want - Pay more / BTA, get more!

You'll find the link to buy this bundle (big green button) and details for the game below or find indiegamebundles here.

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  • STEAM %95
    Actionwindows, linuxsteam
    Spaceman Sparkles 3
    Sparkles wrecked a spaceship and got kidnapped by a mysterious Green Star, play as Magic in this new rescue adventure. Comments?
  • STEAM %89
    Action, Casual, Indiewindowssteam
    Through the Mirror
    A hard, mind bending platformer based on imagination and quick reflexes. Comments?
  • STEAM %87
    Action, Adventure, Indiewindows, mac, linuxsteam
    King Lucas
    Metroidvania game with 2.5D graphics, single and multiplayer modes and classic game mechanics for the delight of platform and adventure games lovers as well as for you who didn't live the 80's; this is an opportunity for you to taste that classic feeling Comments?
  • STEAM %84
    Action, Gelegenheitsspiele, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategie, Defensewindowssteam
    Hydraulic Empire
    Hydraulic Empire is a Tower Defense game with RPG elements focusing on strategy, interactions between mobs, and persistent upgrades. Hydraulic empire is a must have for any true Tower Defense fan, and for those that are not it is a gateway into the tower Comments?
  • STEAM %80
    Spaceman Sparkles 2
    Spaceman Sparkles 2 is a frantic bullet-hell that takes place in a thumpin' disco universe, you'll be begging for mercy while bobbing your head to the beat. Comments?
  • STEAM %70
    Action, Indie, RPG, Simulation, Strategywindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Zotrix is a modern take on the classic arcade shooter. The game introduces resource trading economy and system of upgrades between number of space stations bringing the classic experience into modern generation. Aliens are attacking and Solar Division ... Comments?
  • STEAM %68
    Adventure, Casual, Indie, First-Personwindows, mac, linuxsteam
    Verde Station
    What do you trust most — what you see, what you're told, or your instincts? On a year long solo mission aboard Verde Station, you will test your wits and question everything, but you may not find answers. Welcome to solitude. Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Accesswindowssteam
    Worlds of Chaos
    Worlds of Chaos is a single player, party based open-world action RPG with a strong emphasis on exploration and tactical combats. It has a deep combat system that will challenge you to your limits, and will make clever decisions count. Comments?
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