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Humble GameMaker Bundle


Bundled fresh at the source.

Realize your most ambitious game dreams! It contains the game development software "GameMaker: Studio Pro" and the games (each includes the Source Code) Uncanny Valley, Cook, Serve, Delicious!, Home, Solstice, INK, Shep Hard, Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!, Galactic Missile Defense, Flop Rocket.

The GameMaker extensions HTML5, iOS, Windows UWP, Android Module are included too. Additionally it contains also the source code for 10 Second Ninja X (GameMaker Edition) and Cook, Serve, Delicious!

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  • STEAM %86
    Action, Adventure, Indiewindows, mac, linuxsteam
    INK is a fast-paced platformer about using colorful paint to uncover your surroundings. Defeat all enemies in the room and reach the goal! However, the terrain is invisible, so you need to discover the terrain by physically bumping into it, by performing Comments?
    Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!
    Prepare for the ultimate challenge, as you will need to race against the craziest chicken in the world in this quirky game. Catch as many eggs as you can, while the Angry Chicken tries to out-maneuver you in every way possible, either by dropping bombs Comments?
    Flop Rocket
    Pilot your Flop Rocket through a 5-kilometer cave filled with dragon-like Spaceducks, enormous rock-worms, and other space-time anomalies as you try to prevent an underfunded space program from going bust. Why is your space program housed in a cave? GOOD Comments?
    Galactic Missile Defense
    The year is 2015 and humanity has made a big step: The Pry Rover has successfully landed on Mars, roaming in the Red Planet's desert in search for any evidence of life form. Unfortunately, scientists didn't like what the mobile laboratory found, Mar's ... Comments?
    Shep Hard
    Take care of your flock! Shear 10 platinum sheep before ravenous wolves overcome your modest island plot and eat all of your hard work. Use your beasty cane, smash attacks, whirlwinds, and maybe some LAND MINES AND MORTARMEN to herd your flock and ... Comments?
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