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Humble Bundle - RPG Maker Bundle


A bundle for gamers and game developers!

This package contains role-playing games and the tools used to create them. This is a great opportunity to start, if you have thought about making your own game. On top you´ll get 5 great RPG´s + 2 Free Game Bundles!

You´ll get the RPG Maker XP (or VX Ace in the 1st tier), a toolkit to create games, and many addons / assets to create your own role-playing game.

Also this bundle contains 5 role-playing games including the MUST PLAY To the Moon, Skyborn, Sweet Lily Dreams, Deadly Sin 2 and Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm.

All tools and games are redeemable on Steam for Windows. Selected games are also available DRM-Free on Mac and Linux.

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You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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    Console-style RPGwindowssteam
    Deadly Sin 2
    Several opposing factions are clashing for dominance over the Empire and its people. Take up the mighty blade and challenge the power of the heavens! A game by Dancing Dragon games
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    Console-style RPGwindowssteam
    Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm
    An fantasy Role Playing Game in the classic style reminiscent of older RPG hits like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. A quest filled with monsters, puzzles and adventures. A game by Dark Gaia Studios, Dark Gaia Studios
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    RPG Maker XP
    The RPG Maker XP gives you the power to create your own role-playing game. The XP version includes new scripting features, a user-friendly interface and upgraded graphic capabilities. A game by Enterbrain
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    Console-style RPGwindowssteam
    A game featuring lovable, addicting characters in an unique Steampunk setting and stunning Original soundtrack. A game by Dancing Dragon games
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    Console-style RPGwindowssteam
    Sweet Lily Dreams
    You must venture into the darkness and battle fearsome foes. Craft magic, furnish your house, join guilds, solve puzzles, and fight the unimaginable! A game by RosePortal Games
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