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Humble Bundle - Humble Double Fine Bundle


Get epic cross-platform - Window, Mac and Linux - DRM-free games in a new Humble Bundle. Lowest Metascore 80 !!!

Pay what you want to get Psychonauts, Stacking, and Costume Quest -- all while supporting vital charities!

Beat the average price and get Brutal Legend.

Pay $35 or more and you´ll also become a slacker backer of the Kickstarter point-and-click adventure game, Broken Age, which is currently in development!

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  • Bonus prototypes and Video added.

    Humble Bundle adds all windows prototype games from the Double Fine Amnesia Fortnight sessions and also the Amnesia Fortnight 2012 Documentary Video.

  • The zany tone of Psychonauts owes a lot to the playful soundtrack composed by Peter McConnell.

    Each of the tracks winks knowingly while taking the listener through the wit and whimsy of a theme park, a circus, a secret lair, or a cartoon.


    by Peter McConnell

  • The original Psychonauts cinematic score by Peter McConnell features in-game music that is subtle yet distinctive.

    These tracks underscore the action and storyline, building tension and delivering comic relief.

    by Peter McConnell

  • Rock on with the Brütal Legend original soundtrack, featuring 20 tracks of heavy metal rock and guitar riffs composed by Peter McConnell.

    Whether you're just cruising around or slaying monsters with your guitar, you'll have epic music to highlight any situation.


    by Peter McConnell

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