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A Bundle with indie games to choose from ... plus bonus incentive!

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  • Bonus Game unlocked!

    If you buy/bought this bundle, you will now also get Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded on top for free!

  • 2 bonus Games unlocked!

    If you buy/bought this bundle, you will now also get Aztaka, an action/rpg side-scroller and Gravi, an intense puzzle-platformer on top for free!

    The next bonus is Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded. Take a look already!

  • Greenlight?
    Adventure Gameswindows, macdesura, greenlight, drm-free
    Guy vs The Wicked and Nefarious Land
    You're not on your typical dungeon crawler anymore. With a top down view and fast paced action, you must guide Guy through 5 dungeons filled with evil creatures, traps and pop culture references. Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded
    A large-scale sequel. This is the unique alloy of arcade action and RPG elements which combines well-established world of classical games and unmatched dynamics of the first part. Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Complete Edition: Includes Enhanced Edition and Alexandria expansion
    Other Strategy Gameswindowssteam, drm-free
    Children of the Nile: Enhanced Edition
    Children of the Nile is a unique gem of a city-building game, unparalleled in both grandeur and attention to detail. As Pharaoh you will guide your people through thousands of years of history: from simple hunter-gatherers to the creation of an Comments?
    Real-Time Strategywindows, macdrm-free
    Creeper World
    Your world is about to change, literally. Imagine an enemy that is everywhere and moves like a single giant, organic mass across the map. Imagine your base and your people surrounded by a blanket of crushing destruction from all Comments?
    Real-Time Strategywindows, macdrm-free
    Creeper World 2: Redemption
    Creeper World 2 continues the 14th millennium saga for the survival of the once great human empire. Decimated by an insidious and unstoppable enemy, the Creeper, humanity at long last sets out to retake its former empire. Led by Commander Dax Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Real-Time Strategywindowssteam, drm-free
    Loot, level and build with fast paced RPG combat and strategic base building! Your goal is to lead a handful of peasants to establish a small haven in the wild backcountry of a fantasy kingdom. Bring a diverse cast of followers to your settlement on Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    Kingdom Elemental
    Giant War Pigs! A crypt full of living dead who are just begging to be killed…..again. This game is like a whack to the head with a +8 Sword of Awesomeness! Comments?
  • STEAM %-
    windowssteam, drm-free
    Lunar Pack (Wake & Lunnye Devitsy)
    WOAH! TWO GAMES FOR THE PRICE OF... Lunnye Devitsy is the story of an alien who falls from the moon onto a huge mountainside on the planet below. Explore strange locations, aid mysterious characters and find your way home. Wake is the story of an Comments?
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