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Groupees - Itch.io Gems Bundle #3


Grab another bundle of indie games...

Customize your bundle from these items The Secrets of Fogwood, The Fifth Apartment, Super Scrapped Robot, Antguy, Starship Command, Crypto Hex, Hell is a Mountain Flower, OSP Complete Archives and Catapult Punishment.

All games are playable on your Windows PC. Selected titles are also available on Mac and Linux. Build your own bundle!

You can find videos, reviews & more for each game below.

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    Antguy is a doodle based physical puzzler. Features - Simple control, Dynamic physical puzzles. - Peaceful mood & tracks. - 5 worlds, 50 levels. w/ little animation parts :) - Some unique gadgets. - Unlockable extra items. (It doesn’t need
    Catapult Punishment
    Found guilty of treason, spying, fraud, tax-evasion, insider trading, racketeering, piloting a space craft under-the-influence, butt chugging and improper use of a balloon animal - Sam Handwich has been sentenced to PUNISHMENT by CATAPULT! Smack
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    Crypto Hex
    What is Crypto Hex? Crypto Hex is an abstract puzzle game about spatial reasoning. As you fill the hexes they collapse. You need to collapse enough hexes to activate the exit and complete each puzzle. This info-graphic[i.imgur.com] explains the
    windows, mac, linuxdrm-free
    Hell is a Mountain Flower
    Die, die, jump, die - climb the mountain and hunt the demons. Journey through a sharp, minimalist, ever-changing world - grab hold of crumbling mountainside, swipe higher and higher. Be broken by the Birds, consumed by the Teeth and digested by the ...
    windows, mac, linuxdrm-free
    Starship Command
    Starship Command is a persistent-world, massively single-player, real-time tactical starship simulator wrapped in an AI-driven 4X game. Starting with a lowly shuttle, you will trade and battle your way to victory, amassing a gigantic fleet customized to
    windows, mac, linuxdrm-free
    Super Scrapped Robot
    Super Scrapped Robot is a retro action twin stick shooter in 4 shades of green! Jump into the adventures of a tiny robot with the compulsion to put things on its head: The only source of joy in the fragments of an shattered planet.
    windows, macdrm-free
    The Fifth Apartment
    The old lady lives a frugal and lonely life on apartment number 5 of Mont Sinaï building. But who could be lonely with all the demons of a lifetime? “Having lived inside her skin and experiencing the unspoken torment of isolated domesticity, you ...
    The Secrets of Fogwood
    The Secrets of Fogwood is a First Person, Open World, Parkour, Exploration Game filled with Mystery, Puzzles, Hidden Secrets, and more. Step into a beautiful world with gorgeous atmosphere and try to solve The Secrets of Fogwood. Starring Wave Blaze
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